Our Mission

Our goal is to free you from the AWS dashboard.

Cloud providers like AWS are extremely complex. Without prior DevOps expertise it can take many days to set up. There are great "no-ops" platforms like Vercel and Heroku out there, but their use is limited to small projects. Most teams keep building on AWS, GCP or Azure – because they know that eventually they will need some of the 200+ services that only big cloud providers have.

So you are forced to choose between great developer experience and building a future-proof stack. This is wrong. Imagine if mobile developers needed one set of tools to start building an app, and had to rebuild it with entirely different tools after a year or so – wouldn't that be ridiculous?

Digger makes AWS simple: it automatically generates infrastructure for your code in your AWS account. So you can build on AWS without having to deal with its complexity.

Digger connects to your Github and works with your existing stack.

Digger also maintains a single source of truth for all changes in your stack, including deployments and configurations updates, which makes rollbacks easy and predictable.

Digger is already making life easier for
OlaClick (YC W21), BeWell (YC W21) & QuantCopy

Meet our team

We started Digger to solve our own problems - we use Digger for Digger’s infrastructure! We’re devs and DevOps committed to enabling your team to focus fully on your app.

Before Digger, our team shipped great software at companies like:


Our investors

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Peter McKay
CEO @ Snyk
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Kevin Van Gundy
Chief Revenue Officer @ Vercel

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